Meet Lesley



I'm Lesley

Mum of 2 beautiful girls, wife, primary school teacher with over 15 years experience and it’s my life’s mission to help parents, like you, bond with your children, develop a deep connection and create strong attachment through baby and child massage, baby yoga, baby sign and play.

Are you looking for...

A way to bond with your baby, strengthen your connection with them and create a safe and secure attachment that will benefit them now and in later life?

Are you looking for...

Opportunities to socialise, be welcomed into a friendly community and have fun with your child?

Do you want to...

Become the parent you were meant to be with confidence in the decisions you make and why you make them? No more overwhelm or constant guilt that you’re not doing what you are supposed to do?

Building a community for parents who attend my classes forms the backbone of everything I do.

I do this by

Helping you connect with your children through International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM) and Birthlight Baby Yoga classes.

Welcoming you into a warm and kind community during our Pop up and Play events – watch your children fall in love with play while you relax in a supportive environment.

Evolve into the best parent you can be and learn to trust your instincts and parent the way you really want to.

Here’s my story

I was truly amazed by the change in Hannah just as a result of gentle touch from me … her mother!

It gave me the confidence that I could build a strong and independent young daughter with a strong attachment to face the challenges of the world and to be herself, no matter what!

Infant Massage did not disappoint and I was so impressed by what it offered that I gave up my job as a Service Leader with The City of Edinburgh Council’s Additional Support for Learning Service to teach Infant Massage to babies aged from 0-1 years old and children with Additional Needs aged 0-7 years old.

As a primary school teacher for over 15 years

I always knew that children were individuals and parents and indeed different parenting styles hugely shaped the child and that they learned more before the age of 5 than they do for the rest of their lives … no pressure right.

When I became a mum for the first time

I was keen to connect and bond with my daughter immediately and build the secure attachment I knew she and I both needed. However, my little angel was born with a very rare genetic disorder and due to medical interventions and time in hospital all of the usual methods of bonding (breastfeeding, cuddles, etc) fell by the wayside.

Committed to ensuring she received the best possible start

I listened to a very wise neuro-developmental child expert who said that massage would help her development in many areas including physical, gross and fine motor skills, emotional regulation, improve her sleep patterns, help her to relax, increase our bonding. I was in need of a solution and threw myself into the world of infant massage … and I have never looked back.

I immersed myself in the wonder of infant massage and after a year of running infant massage classes I then trained with Birthlight,the founders of Baby Yoga to teach babies aged 6 weeks - 18 months.

Not to abandon my passion for teaching children…

I combined my knowledge of massage, yoga and child learning and development to create my own baby classes ….BOND WITH BABY a short while later. In these unique classes, that grow with your children, I help parents live in the now with their children and have fun and bond with them TODAY!

Building a community for parents who attend my classes forms the backbone of everything I do. I remember that feeling of loneliness and isolation feeling that my journey was different to everyone else’s (even though it wasn’t) and I am committed to creating a warm and welcoming environment where parents are made to feel welcome and enjoy themselves as much as their little ones.

My offerings to parents have evolved

As the children have grown and I also help parents have fun and children play in a creative and supportive way through my Pop Up and Play birthday parties and play sessions.

Encouraging children to play

In a way that works for them (i.e. by them learning and discovering play equipment at their own pace) means that your children will have fun for longer and you can sit back.

Relax and enjoy

mixing with other people in the FATOWL community. We would love to welcome you along to one of our classes and get to know you!

I always knew that I would be involved in changing children’s lives and cannot believe my luck that I get to do it in a way that will make them happier, more adjusted and with more confident parents by their side.