IAIM Baby Massage

Baby Massage

IAIM Accredited

What if I told you that your mother in law was right?

Just kidding, well almost, what if I told you that your Grandmother was right? And that all those skills that have been passed from generation to generation have done so for a reason?

What if they always knew the secret to a happier baby and it got lost for a while?

What is Baby / Infant Massage?

infant massage is an ancient tradition

using gentle and nurturing touch as a way of lovingly communicating and bonding with your child from the beginning.

Working with your child

it creates a deeper level of trust and understanding between you and your baby.

When taught correctly

these strokes can relax your child, encouraging better sleep and help improve digestion.

-Dr Frederik Leboyer


Why Lesley and the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM)?

Your comfort and enjoyment is important to me and I have worked hard to create the FATOWL community. In each class you will receive a warm welcome and enjoy some home made baking and a cuppa while your baby sleeps (usually) after their massage experience. This well earned cuppa gives you the opportunity to create lasting friendships with other parents of young babies. This is your time to relax and be taken care of by me!

The IAIM, founded by Vimala McClure is the leader in infant massage and the largest and longest standing worldwide association solely dedicated to infant massage. As a Certified Infant Massage Instructor – I have undergone the highest quality training and learned from the best in the world.

Regular Massage Has A Number Of Benefits For Both Baby And Parent.​

Benefits for baby

Babies produce relaxing hormones during massage which helps them to sleep deeper and for longer.

Massage can help relieve any tummy problems babies commonly have such as wind, colic and constipation.

Massage is a fantastic bonding tool between parent and baby due to the high levels of oxytocin hormones which are produced during massage

Baby massage helps your baby’s brain to develop! Amazing!

Benefits for parents

Releases the love hormone, oxytocin, in both parent and baby.

Our baby massage classes are also a fantastic place to meet fellow new parents and share the ups and downs of new parenthood.

Helps develop a better understanding of your baby

Allows you to read and respect their cues and grow in confidence as a parent.

Helps carers, foster and adoptive parents bond with their children

Helps develop a secure attachment between parent and child.

Locations & Investment

LifeCare Centre Edinburgh, Stockbridge on a Monday morning, Dalmeny Church Halls, Dalmeny on a Tuesday morning, and Nurture The Play, Leith on a Wednesday afternoon.

A block of 5 classes costs £59.00 and includes, tea, coffee, home baking, oil for massage and a parent handout.

I always knew that I would be involved in changing children’s lives and cannot believe my luck that I get to do it in a way that will make them happier, more adjusted and with more confident parents by their side.