Bond With Baby

Bond with baby

As your baby grows up

How they interact with you and the world around them changes. They are more alert, aware and want to have fun, move around yet still be close to their parents.

Bond with Baby is a course like no other and has been specifically designed for babies at the stage of development they are currently in so they can get the perfect balance of fun, sensory development and nurturing touch.

I designed this course myself based on my lengthy experience as a teacher, infant massage teacher and mum. This course is a fun and relaxing blend of Birthlight Baby Yoga, infant massage and baby sign.



There are 2 levels of bond with baby classes

Our Level 1 class is suitable for babies aged 6 weeks – 8/9/10 months (pre-mobile) and our Level 2 class is perfect for babies who have started to get on the move (8/9 10 months +) up to 18 months old.

What Parents Love About Bond with baby


What are the benefits of bond with baby classes?

Benefits for baby

The class is designed to fully support your baby’s development in every area:

Strengthen and develop your baby’s body through baby yoga.

Enhance bonding between you and your baby through gentle touch, massage, stories and songs.

Relieve any wind, colic, constipation your baby may have

Promote sleep and relaxation

Support your baby’s developing language and communication.

Benefits for parents

Our Bond with Baby classes are also a fantastic place to meet fellow new parents and share the ups and downs of new parenthood.

Helps develop a better understanding of your baby

Allows you to have fun with your baby and engage with them on a deeper level.

Helps develop a secure attachment between parent and child and supports your communication with baby.

This is a fun and relaxing class which also gives you plenty of opportunity to stretch, relax, meet and chat to new parent friends. Each class also includes time for tea, coffee and home baking.

Locations & Investment

Level 1 class on a Monday at LifeCare Centre, Stockbridge or on a Tuesday at Dalmeny Church Halls.

Level 2 class is held at LifeCare Centre, Stockbridge on a Wednesday morning.

£59.00 for your 5 week block which includes all equipment, home baking and a cup of hot tea and coffee!

A very warm welcome awaits!