How Can You Relax At Christmas Time?

Christmas is such a magical but extremely busy time of the year.

It is therefore so important that we all take some time every day to connect and relax with our little ones.

In our classes we show you lots of activities and ways you can keep this connection daily.

Here are our top five suggestions!


1. Massage! 

Massage your little ones daily, use oil/don’t use oil, do their whole body/do only one part of their body, it doesn’t matter how much or how little you massage your little one, just keep massaging! You will feel more relaxed as well as your baby or child.


2. Try some story or song massage.

Try this right now, pick up the nearest baby or child book to you, ask your little one (or big one if the wee ones are in bed!) if they would like a massage, start reading the story and just let your hands go. Use your imagination, there are no rules or right or wrong strokes, just have fun! If you don’t have a book handy, start singing a favourite song and again let your imagination make your hands move. It is such a fun and simple activity!


3. Relax and stretch 

Again, do this right now! Sit up straighter, put you hands on your shoulders, breath in and start to roll your shoulders backwards for a few breaths then forwards for a few breaths. Doing simple stretch and movement breaks like this several times a day REALLY helps to relax you. Combine with some pelvic floor exercises for bonus points!!


4. Breathe

Take a slow breath in through your nose, then a longer breath out. Repeat 3 times. Find fun ways to practice breathing with your little ones: blow bubbles together, find some straws and blow peas across the floor, take a deep breath in then hum. If you are breathing then you are relaxing all of your body and you will immediately de-stress.


5. Sing!

Start to sing your baby or child’s favourite lullaby or song. Sing it once at your normal volume, then sing it again quieter and then sing it for the last time, almost a whisper. This is a lovely way to relax with your little one. Our favourite lullaby is “Twinkle Twinkle” What is yours?


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