bond with baby

A gentle and sensory class that is a fun blend of baby massage, baby yoga and baby sign.

What are

Bond With Baby Classes?

A gentle and sensory class that is a fun blend of baby massage, baby yoga and baby sign. Your 5 week block of classes will include:
Story and song massage to teach you how to massage your baby
Birthlight Baby Yoga which will include stretches for both you and for your baby.
Stretches for you will help to support your postnatal recovery and moves for baby are fun, safe and extremely beneficial for your baby’s development.

Baby Sign to help your communication with your baby using Signalong.
All of our activities are carefully designed to support bonding and relaxation with your baby!
Split into 2 levels to best support your baby and the stage they are currently at
Our classes are welcoming, relaxed classes where your baby will be free to feed, cry and just be themselves at all times! You and your baby will both be supported in class.

Choosing the right class for you

Level 1

Is best suited for newborn – pre-mobile babies aged (approx) 3 – 9 months. 

Level 2

Is best suited for mobile infants aged (approx) 9-18months.

"The gentle mixture of baby yoga, baby massage and baby sign was perfect! I learned so many different skills to help me play with my baby. We love this class!"
Rachel and baby Grace

Benefits for baby

The class is designed to fully support your baby’s development in every area:

Strengthen and develop your baby’s body through baby yoga.

Enhance bonding between you and your baby through gentle touch, massage, stories and songs.

Relieve any wind, colic, constipation your baby may have

Promote sleep and relaxation

Support your baby’s developing language and communication.

Benefits for parents

Our Bond with Baby classes are also a fantastic place to meet fellow new parents and share the ups and downs of new parenthood.

Helps develop a better understanding of your baby

Allows you to have fun with your baby and engage with them on a deeper level.

Helps develop a secure attachment between parent and child and supports your communication with baby.

This is a fun and relaxing class which also gives you plenty of opportunity to stretch, relax, meet and chat to new parent friends. Each class also includes time for tea, coffee and home baking.

Locations & Investment

The Dave King Partnership Centre, East Calder
Lifecare Centre, Stockbridge
Cramond Kirk Halls, Cramond
North Merchiston Club, Watson Crescent
Bellfield, Portobello
Calm on Canning Street, Canning Street
Krafty Kidz, Dunfermline

That Place in the Bay, Dalgety Bay
South Queensferry Community Centre, South Queensferry

£60 – 5 week block
Drop Ins available. 
See booking page for more details.